2015 Time for a check up

The new year is finally here and as a leading Dentist Siamak Jafari is recommending not delaying in getting tooth problems addressed.  As a leading dentist, Siamak Jafari recommends professional tooth cleanings twice a year.  His philosophy is that during the busy holiday period, sometimes oral hygiene might get neglected.  Siamak’s East Bay practice, Sky Dental has been providing top quality dental care for nearly 15 years.  You can see how satisfied current patients are with Dr Jafari’s dental team here .  His team has an extremely high repeat rate for patients.  Part of the success is certainty due to the team’s attention to detail and personalized treatment and care approach.  Dr. Jafari considers the needs of patients on an individual basis unlike many other dental practices.

To understand the latest challenges Mack Jafari is tacking in the dental industry one can read here. Mack Jafari Dentist.

With the complexities of modern care and sugary foods increasing the rate of cavities, Dr. Jafari is there to help ensure the best preventive care possible. Often time small problems can be easily corrected, while delaying can cause significant pain and damage to the enamel.  Feel free to contact the team to set up an appointment and protect that amazing smile!

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