Dont wait too long for a cleaning

Most people tend to wait too long for teeth cleaning.  This is risky as over time minor problems turn into major problems.  A professional tooth cleaning will help protect the health of both your gums and the enamel that makes up your teeth.  Minor problems which are easily correctable can be found by our expert staff.  These problems are typically easily treatable, but if left uncared for can develop into bigger (literally) problems.

If treated right away small cavities can be easily fixed in a short, painless filling.  Conversely, if left untreated the cavity can certainly spread and ultimately the patient will be forced into a more serious treatment such as a root canal.

As a reminder sometimes the cold weather can bring out poor dental habits such as eating sugary foods and not brushing quickly.  Remember, you only get one set of teeth!

One trend that is emerging is more eating on the go.  This can be OK if, but the recent tendency if for the foods to be less healthy, as a result patients end up ingesting sugar foods which can produce plaque and eventually cause serious tooth decay.  Dont wait!  Call our Sky Dental clinic to set up an appointment.  You only get one smile for your entire life and we want to help you keep it for a long time. Mack Jafari White Teeth

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