Dr Mack Jafari & Root Canals as Dental Procedures

Your Root Canal: How it Works and What to Expect

Root canal. These are likely the two most frightening words you can hear from your dentist, particularly if you have tooth decay or other issues with your smile.

However, taking the time to understand the treatment itself as well as the steps to expect while you’re in the dentist’s office can help ease your nerves and provide the reassurance you need to get through the visit.

So, What is a Root Canal?

Put simply, a root canal is a procedure that removes the damaged nerve tissue or pulp from the tooth to help prevent infections and abscesses from forming.  Mack Jafari’s team can handle even the most troubling and painful root canal.

The Step-by-Step Root Canal Procedure

Curious as to how a root canal treatment is executed? There are several steps that you can expect once you’re in the dentist’s office for the procedure, including:

  • Sedation – Sedation includes a numbing jelly for your gums as well as a local anesthetic to numb the teeth, gums, tongue and skin. In more severe cases, sedation like nitrous oxide gas is also used to promote relaxation.
  • Removal – Once the tooth is prepped and you’re numb, your dentist will then remove the pulp and fill the area with medicines, temporary fillings, and a final root canal filling to protect the tooth itself.
  • Finishing – After the root canal is complete, your dentist will typically fit a permanent filling or crown over the tooth to help protect and reinforce it. By making an impression of your tooth, the crown will feel natural.
  • Return Visit – Often, you’ll have to get a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being created from your tooth’s impression. Once you return to your dentist, you can have the procedure finished and get fitted with your permanent filling.

Contact Your Bay Area Dentist for Your Root Canal Treatment

If you’re in the Bay Area and need a root canal, Dr. Mack Jafari can help. With 12 years of experience and a personable approach, you’ll get the expert service you need in a comfortable setting that gives you peace of mind during the procedure.


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