Focus: Orthodontics


Dr. Siamak Mack Jafari’s team provides a wide range of orthodontic options to ensure an improved smile and alignment.  A beautiful smile is a wonderful gift some people are born with. However, the reality is that most people’s teeth do not develop perfectly on their own, which is why orthodontics can be so beneficial to people of all ages. The benefits of orthodontic treatment are striking, as all patients find that their new, beautiful smiles gives them a self-confidence that can change their lives.

It was not long ago that all braces were made of metal that was clunky and uncomfortable. Nowadays, though, orthodontic treatment has transformed, and Dr. Mack Jafari’s dental groups are capable of providing a range of treatment options so people are better able to enjoy their orthodontic treatment.

One of the most popular advancements in orthodontists is braces that are both invisible and removable, which allows patients to undergo orthodontic treatment with making only minimal adjustments to their everyday habits. These braces work for some, but not all, patients. Some patients may be required to were permanent braces, which are affixed to the teeth until treatment is complete. Whereas these braces used to be only of metal, it is now common for permanent hardware to be made of ceramic or plastic, making the appearance of braces hardly noticeable. Either form of treatment, removable or permanent braces, work in the same way – using carefully directed gentle force by adjusting the braces so teeth move slowly to a desired position.